Tutoring is a daily after-school program held in the City Faces studio Monday through Friday. Our tutors are mainly Washington University students who are trained to be effective tutors. Our focus is to develop creative and engaging curricula in five main subjects.



Our reading program is designed to help City Faces students discover the fun in reading. We incorporate graphic novels and stories with fun relatable plots. We encourage City Faces students to develop a love for books and push to raise their reading level. Our programing encourages reading out loud, reading comprehension, and vocabulary building. Through daily reading practice, children will build reading skills and confidence.


Math & Engineering

Through our partnership with TESLA, a Wash U student group that strives to teach St. Louis youth applied mathematics and engineering, the City Faces math program strives to bolster an interest in mathematics and engineering through fun, hands-on activities. Throughout the week, we integrate design, building, creative problem-solving, and more skills required for success in math and engineering, into the curriculum. Our goal is to expose City Faces students to fields of study and careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.



In our science curriculum, we assimilate inventive ways of teaching to spark the students’ interest in the world around them. We perform interactive experiments that help students understand areas of science in a way that is fun and engaging. We explore the world of science through simple experiments focusing on biology, chemistry, materials science, architecture, and other exciting fields!



Our art program strives to give City Faces students a creative outlet and help them realize their artistic talents. By exploring many different artistic techniques, mediums, and subjects, we hope to expand the ways by which children can express themselves through their art. We showcase children’s art at our annual Art Show, so that members of the Washington University community can admire and experience our students’ art.



Our music program is a fun way for City Faces children to acquire new skills and discover their own musical talent. Our program teaches basic music theory and gives children hands-on experience with different instruments.


In addition to our weekly schedule of programming and activities, we offer daily homework help and a daily reading time. Students can receive help with their homework from individual tutors. We believe that working in groups and seeking help from peers, in addition to receiving personal attention and tutoring, is a great way to learn and build teamwork and communication skills.

Beyond academic tutoring, we often vary our lesson plans by adding active games and other extracurricular activities, which help the kids focus when we work on academics. We use a nearby playground and studio space for activities from tag and basketball, to origami and paper drums, to egg drops and balloon races. We hope that by fostering an environment of close friendship and shared fun, we can engage the kids in each subject so they can enjoy the material while they learn.

A central goal of the City Faces Tutoring program is to build personal relationship between City Faces tutors, the children of Clinton Peabody, and our students’ parents. We hope that our tutors are able to connect with the students, help them discover new subjects and ways of engaging with their studies, and become sources of support for the children that we work with.

If you are interested in signing your children up for the City Faces Tutoring program please contact us via email.