A Trip to Soulard

As fall unfolds and programming continues in full swing, the City Faces community has been enjoying bonding on field trips. This past Saturday, Community Garden, Girls Club, and Mentoring banded together and brought all the kids to the Soulard Farmers’ Market. Our goals were to learn more about fruits and vegetables, get to know each other better across program lines, and most importantly, have fun! Ariel, Chloe, and I walked around together and completed the scavenger hunt other volunteers had graciously provided for us. The activity was centered around learning more about farming and healthy eating. One of the assignments the scavenger hunt required was trying something you had never tried before, and Ariel picked a raw lemon. The photo below captures her (understandable) feelings about biting into the lemon. Additionally, we learned about how and where different fruits and vegetables grow, and also about the day-to-day lives of farmers. On the way home from Soulard, we took a brief detour to play on the nearby playground. It was a welcome and fun moment to appreciate the spontaneity of City Faces, and it made me recall my first day as a volunteer, which also took place at Soulard. A year has passed since then, and my love and appreciation for the program continues to grow.

-Carson Borbely, Girls Club volunteer


Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 3.47.01 PM.png