Girls Club

The Girls Club meets biweekly with City Faces girls, ages 12 and older. The program is an enriching environment that fosters self-esteem and creates another support system for the City Faces girls through educational and fun field trips, as well as quality time at the City Faces studio with activities such as cookie decorating and journal making.

Girls are also exposed to different career fields such as science and technology. Fun activities include finger-knitting, jewelry making, fitness classes, movie days, skating, and much more! We frequently take field trips to educational (and fun!) locations such as the Science Center, the zoo, and tours around Washington University’s campus.  Girls involved in Girls Club will leave with a new sense of confidence and a new group of lifetime friends.

Leadership is also a focus of Girls Club. Leadership building exercises are an important part of our curriculum. In the future, girls involved in the Club will be able to move up in leadership positions. For example, our older girls may have a chance to mentor some of our younger girls.

Girls Club Goals:

  • Broaden horizons
  • Build leadership skills
  • Foster Friendships
  • Raise awareness of various opportunities
  • Promote mental and physical health