Carnival At Studio

A few of the mentees organized a mini carnival down at the studio, complete with tickets that you paid to participate in the various activities.  We played intense rounds of musical chairs, created stories with each person adding just one or two words to the plot, and (my personal favorite) had a lengthy dance competition.  For the dancing, we first paired mentors up against other mentors, and the mentees chose the winner.  I somehow managed to win my first round despite my awkward movements and self-consciousness.  After a winner had been crowned (not me unfortunately), the mentees grouped up, and the mentors did the same.  Each group went off to a separate part of the studio to choose a song and practice their routine.  I believe the general goal was to be synchronized.  By the time the performance came around the mentors were hopelessly out of step, while the mentees executed a full-fledged routine flawlessly with about 2 minutes of preparation (compared to the mentors 10…).  Everyone had a good laugh at some point during the session (I definitely had many), and I learned that I might be slightly better at dancing that I previously thought!

Tommy Dvergsten, Mentor

Sunny Day In Forest Park

On Saturday afternoon I biked down to Forest Park to meet the mentees and mentors for a relaxing sunny day.  I was really excited because I got to see Alex, my mentee who I hadn’t been able to meet with for awhile.  When I got there alot of the mentees were petting a police horse in a field by the History Museum, and we then played frisbee for a while with some of the mentees.  It felt good to get out into fresh air, and I also let Alex (attempt to) ride my bike for awhile.  Even though I had to leave early, I was glad I was able to spend some time with the kids on such a nice day at the park.

Alex Sanchez, Mentor

Crayons & Watercolor

At the studio, we were playing around with crayons and watercolors to make some neat designs that played off of the crayon’s hydrophobicity. At first the kids were not really interested, but one of the Friday tutors, Alex, made what essentially became a demo piece, where he drew a bunch of spirals in crayon and painted over it, which showed perfectly what the point of the project was. Naturally, crayon spirals became the most fashionable thing of the night and we ended up with about 15 different paintings (at leas four of which were from Janiya) of crayon spirals with watercolor over it. Jovan was also nice enough to go and get a bunch of wings, chips, and juice for the kids, so we ended up not only painting that day, but also having a fun food and dance party!

Brian Alloway, Day Leader

New Faces

We added some new kids at City Faces today and got to sign up some more kids to participate! Christian, Janiya, Hassan, Jared, Jerry, Madison, and Joshua are now a part of our City Faces family. Christian, Jared, and Jerry came this week and they were really fantastic. Christian sat and did homework the whole time and when I asked if he needed help he would say he got it. I felt bad that he didn’t get to run around like the other kids and do the activity, but he seemed to be happy to be there. Jared and Jerry were fun and really good kids. Another kid provoked Jerry and he started chasing him, but as soon as I caught him and talked to him for a little he understood and calmed down. He seemed to listen to me and begin to grasp that fighting isn’t the answer. Even though Hassan didn’t come on Thursday, I’ve met him before as he is always with Armon and Daryl. He is a really calm and adorable kid who likes being around his older cousin. Overall, it was great meeting these new kids and I can’t wait to have more to join us!

Eva Nip, Day Leader