Carnival At Studio

A few of the mentees organized a mini carnival down at the studio, complete with tickets that you paid to participate in the various activities.  We played intense rounds of musical chairs, created stories with each person adding just one or two words to the plot, and (my personal favorite) had a lengthy dance competition.  For the dancing, we first paired mentors up against other mentors, and the mentees chose the winner.  I somehow managed to win my first round despite my awkward movements and self-consciousness.  After a winner had been crowned (not me unfortunately), the mentees grouped up, and the mentors did the same.  Each group went off to a separate part of the studio to choose a song and practice their routine.  I believe the general goal was to be synchronized.  By the time the performance came around the mentors were hopelessly out of step, while the mentees executed a full-fledged routine flawlessly with about 2 minutes of preparation (compared to the mentors 10…).  Everyone had a good laugh at some point during the session (I definitely had many), and I learned that I might be slightly better at dancing that I previously thought!

Tommy Dvergsten, Mentor