Crayons & Watercolor

At the studio, we were playing around with crayons and watercolors to make some neat designs that played off of the crayon’s hydrophobicity. At first the kids were not really interested, but one of the Friday tutors, Alex, made what essentially became a demo piece, where he drew a bunch of spirals in crayon and painted over it, which showed perfectly what the point of the project was. Naturally, crayon spirals became the most fashionable thing of the night and we ended up with about 15 different paintings (at leas four of which were from Janiya) of crayon spirals with watercolor over it. Jovan was also nice enough to go and get a bunch of wings, chips, and juice for the kids, so we ended up not only painting that day, but also having a fun food and dance party!

Brian Alloway, Day Leader