Tutor Update

Turbines at Studio

A couple weeks ago the activity for the day was to make a turbine wheel out of cups that could be powered by water. At first the kids were skeptical as to what the activity was and whether or not it would work. But, after we explained it a bit they got really into it which was awesome to see. Pretty soon the studio was filled with kids running around with cups, tape and plates in hand. They were excited to show the tutors the progress they were making and then we were able to take the wheels outside to test them. Almost all of the wheels were able to me be moved by the water which the kids loved. It was a great day at the studio because it was clear that the kids had had a really good time and they had learned something completely random and new from our activity.

Larisa Bokota, Mentor

Shining Through a Rainy Day

It was pouring when we went to the studio to tutor this week, so most of us thought that very few kids would show up. Fortunately, this was not the case, and pretty soon the studio was filled with kids. Our planned activity was to make drums out of cups and plastic wrap, but that only kept the kids busy for a couple minutes. For the rest of the time, half of the group colored and made fortune tellers at the table and the other half made paper airplanes and threw them across the studio. I spent most of my time making paper planes for the kids to throw because apparently my planes flew pretty far and the demand for them was really high! On a day that started out dark and gloomy, we were really glad to see the kids enjoying themselves and flashing their bright smiles!

Aahil Merchant, Tutor

New Faces

We added some new kids at City Faces today and got to sign up some more kids to participate! Christian, Janiya, Hassan, Jared, Jerry, Madison, and Joshua are now a part of our City Faces family. Christian, Jared, and Jerry came this week and they were really fantastic. Christian sat and did homework the whole time and when I asked if he needed help he would say he got it. I felt bad that he didn’t get to run around like the other kids and do the activity, but he seemed to be happy to be there. Jared and Jerry were fun and really good kids. Another kid provoked Jerry and he started chasing him, but as soon as I caught him and talked to him for a little he understood and calmed down. He seemed to listen to me and begin to grasp that fighting isn’t the answer. Even though Hassan didn’t come on Thursday, I’ve met him before as he is always with Armon and Daryl. He is a really calm and adorable kid who likes being around his older cousin. Overall, it was great meeting these new kids and I can’t wait to have more to join us!

Eva Nip, Day Leader