An Introduction to Q and Her Mentor Bobbie

This is Q, Raenesha (Q’s friend in the tan jacket), and myself during one of our weekend meetings.  I’ve been paired with Q for almost 3 years now, and I’ve really enjoyed all the time we’ve spent getting to know each other. Q is the really nice, sweet 17-year-old in the pink jacket. Whenever we meet together, we usually either go walk around downtown while talking and catching up, grab a meal, or spend some time on the Wash U campus. This time, we walked over to the Arch and explored the underground museum. I think it was a really good, fun experience for the girls because they hadn't been exposed to a lot of the things we saw there. Even though this was their first time seeing some of the stuff, it was cool to see them appreciate a different culture and way of life. This was just one of our outings, but every experience I’ve had with Q has had a lasting influence on me. One of the things that has touched me about Q is her big heart, and how much she cares for everyone she is around. I have enjoyed growing up together and learning from each other because our lives are so different. Through sharing experiences, we are able to have fun while also recognizing the differences in our lives. I'm very proud of who Q is becoming, and I'm really blessed that I've had the opportunity to be a part of that.

Bobbie Brown, Mentor